Human Knowledge Compression Contest
Detailed Rules for Participation
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Prize Medal Prize Medal
Compress the 1GB file enwik9 to less than the current record of about 116MB




Anyone may participate at this contest by emailing the following numbered itemized list of information to <> and <> and <>:
  1. A direct link to a self-extracting archive archive9.exe (or decomp9.exe+archive9.bhm)
  2. A single line of instruction how to execute it (long/complicated instructions are inadmissable)
  3. Names of all involved program(s), version, and used options if any
  4. Sizes of (de)comp9(a) and most important archive9.exe/bhm
  5. Approximate (de)compression time and maximal main and HDD memory used
  6. Description of the test machine (processor, memory, operating system, Geekbench5 score)
  7. Links where all files can be downloaded:
    Executables (or zipped source) and well-documented source code under some OSI license of (de)compressor and all other relevant files
  8. A (link to a) document explaining the (algorithmic) ideas that led to or are incorporated into the algorithms and their inner working
  9. Usage/compilation instructions
  10. Any additional information is welcome


The prize is awarded as follows:

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